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DJ Octave.

DJ Octave

DJ Octave is a born again believer of Jesus Christ, Kenyan, leader, hiphop artist, producer, DJ, sound engineer and musician (keyboardist). His productions comprise of a set of Hip Hop styles which are boom bap, crunk and trap. With a constantly exploratory sound, DJ Octave continues to experiment with and cross over into various musical genres.

DJ Octave.


DJ Octave.

Sound Engineering

With support from Hip Hop greats Nasara The Poet, AB The Sign, Pastor Fro, Psalms, ShortBoy Karani and Othole has released an album Introducing Drip Drop and a few singles. He is also known as one of the champions of beat making as he is a two time Kenya Beat Battle champion and a one time runners up. He also participated in a remix competition at of which his work turned out to be among the first 4 worldwide.

He is also running his own record label that Shares the Word of God through hiphop music in concerts called Drip Drop Records. The artist roster is rapidly growing with the best talent around.

Prior to committing himself exclusively to his music DJ Octave was a computer scientist holding a degree in that respect.

DJ Octave.

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