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Share the word of God.


To share the word of God to the world, following the instruction of Jesus Christ our Lord.


This is by saying what Jesus Christ wants us to say and doing what Jesus Christ wants us to do through music, poetry, art, teaching and preaching. We go to different towns and cities doing concerts where we invite people to come to learn about Jesus Christ.

Secondary Aims:

  1. Give birth to a quarterly event for artists to share their art and audience to experience their favorite art form.
  2. Build a community around the music.
  3. Give the audience a different experience of hip hop.

Who are we

We are a group of talented and gifted disciples of Christ, who Love the Lord and want to make Him known to the world. We are passionate about living the Christ like kind of life and want others to do so too. Music, poetry, art, teaching and preaching are our tools that we have been anointed with. We do the great commission of Christ with what we have one soul at a time..


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